Bet365 Sportsbook ReviewBet365 Sportsbook was founded in 2000 by Denise Coates. Coates is a British businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the chief executive of online gambling for Bet365. This Bet365 online sportsbook review covers all the details about their operation that a new customer might want to know before signing up.

Though the internet was established when Bet365 started doing business, their first foray into sports betting came in the form of brick and mortar shops. While this business model was a successful one in the UK, the physical sports betting shops were sold in 2005, transforming Bet365 exclusively into an online sportsbook.

Bet365 set the standard for overseas sports betting, and this carried into the American market. When Bet365 first came online, there were not nearly as many sportsbooks as there are today, even in the UK and Europe. What’s more, the online sportsbooks that did exist were still very much in the testing phase and did not do much to impress. Almost immediately, Bet365 did impress and quickly became the go-to choice for most sports bettors.

Though Bet365 online sportsbook may not be as well known in the United States as a name like DraftKings or Caesars, anyone familiar with European sports will already be familiar with the brand. What Bet365 lacks in experience with betting in the United States, it more than makes up for when it comes to betting markets covered and betting options available.

Currently, the company has over 6 million users with close to 2,000 employees. The site is active in four states and is a top-10 online sportsbook in the New Jersey market.

States Where Bet365 is Legal

The Bet365 sportbook is currently legal in four American states: New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado.

It is clear that Bet365 online sportsbook does not have nearly as large of a presence as most in the US sports betting market. While that much is true, the four states that Bet365 is live in are strategically positioned in completely separate parts of the country. The Virginia market sees the Northeastern US targeted, Ohio takes aim at the Midwest, and Colorado is Bet365’s pathway into the US West. New Jersey was the sensible jumping off point, and Bet365 continues to be one of the most popular online sportsbooks available in the Garden State.

Features that Set Bet365 Sportsbook Apart From Others

Bet365 innovated the sports betting market in the early 2000s. While other sportsbooks have caught up with the brand’s success, it still has solid distinctions within its platform.

The book prides itself on betting. It has a rich history of betting dating back to its brick-and-mortar shops. The interface is very easy to use, which allows any bettor to focus on the game. You won’t have any difficulty locking in a bet on the platform.

The look and feel of Bet365’s website and mobile app is honestly quite dated, but that is almost by design. For a long time now, Bet365 has maintained more or less the same, familiar site layout. While you may not be blown away by the way the site looks, you will certainly be blown away by the vast array of betting options. Being an online sportsbook that first called the European market home, Bet365 has global markets–especially popular ones–more than adequately covered.

As for US sports and leagues, Bet365 holds their own. In terms of the number of betting options for events like NHL and NFL games, those available at Bet365 will rival that of those on other popular sports betting sites. Even obscure betting markets that you might not see at other sites will be found, often in abundance, at Bet365.

Bet365 online sportsbook really shines with its eSports betting options. This is growing in the betting community, so Bet365 jumped at the opportunity to provide a large menu when it came to eSports.

The lines bettors are presented with are superior to those of many other US sportsbooks. Bet365 gives players a solid success rate. On its app, you may be able to steal a point that could make the ultimate difference in your bet’s outcome.

This isn’t something that bettors take lightly. That’s why Bet365 has grown in New Jersey, and casinos throughout America are looking to bring the platform to their locations.

Bonuses & Promotions at Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 is not known for having consistently solid bonuses to provide players with a lot of free play. There is an offer for new bettors who have just signed up and completed their first deposit, but as far as recurring bonuses go there really are not many.

The current offer available in all four sites where Bet365 online sportsbook is legal is pretty attractive. By betting just $1 on their first wager (with odds of -500 or better), new accounts will be credited with $200 in free bets. All that is needed in order to qualify for this sign up bonus is to create a new account and deposit at least $10.

Bet365 online sportsbook has some interesting bonuses that it offers to its players. It has an early payout offer for the NFL and a variety of other sports they offer on their platform. This is also something a lot of other big books offer online, as it helps mitigate bigger damage if a player cashes out early on a bet that may pay out a lot more should it cover for the customer.

As as example, should you choose a team straight up and they take a 17-point lead, you’ll receive your payout no matter what else happens in the contest.  The same goes for an NFL or NCAA football parlay if your team gains a 17-point advantage. This is one promotion that gives bettors an added sense of comfort.

The company also offers parlay bonuses. Depending on the size of your selection pool, it will reward winnings with a five to 70% bonus in free-play credit.

Banking Options at Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 has a wide variety of banking options for players to utilize when depositing and withdrawing funds. This is the case with most legal books, but it’s important that the company is competitive in this category.

It doesn’t have any deposit fees, which is a benefit of Bet365. All deposits have a minimum amount of $10, which is nothing in the betting world.

Deposits can be made with a debit/credit Visa or MasterCard, a bet365 MasterCard, PayPal, an online banking method, a Pay Near Me, a Pay Safe Card, through Skrill, or with cash. If you’re in Atlantic City, you can complete a transaction in cash at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The highest deposit you can make is $30,000 with a limited number of methods.

For withdrawals, Bet365 online sportsbook is an industry leader for efficient payouts. The withdrawal options are a debit/credit Visa or MasterCard, a bet365 MasterCard, an online banking method, PayPal, Skrill, or cash at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

You’ll receive funds instantly with a Bet365 MasterCard or in cash at Hard Rock Atlantic City. PayPal and Skrill give you access to your funds in 24 hours or less. The rest of the options take one to five business days to receive payouts.

Types of Bets at Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 has an extensive betting menu for a large number of sports. Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey dominate the menu. Soccer is very popular as well because of the brand’s European roots.

Some of the other sports on the Bet365 menu are cricket, cycling, MMA, handball, rugby, table tennis, volleyball, and virtual sports. One interesting note about virtual sports is that players still have prop betting capability. This shows how much the book cares about displaying a massive menu that all bettors can enjoy.

Bet365 offers common bets like the moneyline, spread, and over/under. It also offers multiple prop categories.

For example, for all NFL contests, it has main props, player props, score props, and team props, as well as first quarter, first half, and whole game props. The same idea goes for all their other major sports.

The only difference is that the prop categories are slightly different depending on the sport. Bet365 has a great in-play betting menu. It emphasizes this with its layout on the Bet365 app and website. Futures is also a large part of its menu.

It has futures betting options for nearly every sport that it features. The widespread betting capability that Bet365 offers dates back to its roots when it was founded in the early 2000s.

Bet365 Sportsbook FAQ

Where is Bet365 legal?

Bet365 is legal in four American states: New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, and Ohio.

How old do I have to be to use Bet365?

You must be 21 years of age to bet on sports on the app.

Do I need to be in a legal state to view the sportsbook?

No. Anyone can download the app and view the online sportsbook. You’ll be able to see odds and lines. Bet365 uses your device’s location services to ensure that you’re in a legal area.

Does Bet365 offer an extensive betting menu?

Yes. The company gives players a wide variety of betting options ranging from mainstream sports to eSports while including everything in between.

Does Bet365 offer a sign-up bonus?

Yes. Bet365 online sportsbook is currently offering a sign up bonus where new accounts will be credited with $200 in free bets after betting just $1. So long as you make an initial deposit of at least $10 and place your first bet on a market with -500 odds or better, you will be credited with a large quantity of free bets. You must place a bet before you receive this bonus. Bet365 also offers other recurring promotions on a few different sports.