History Behind Proposed Sports Betting Bill in Maryland


Maryland sports betting was approved on the 2020 November ballot. This means that every mid-Atlantic state will have sports betting in the future. There are still many questions that need to be considered by the Maryland legislature before the form of gambling is officially implemented in the state.


New Jersey’s success in the mid-Atlantic put other states on notice when it came to legal sports betting. Following the decision to end the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, New Jersey jumped headfirst into sports betting. Other states in the region knew they were losing revenue to NJ, so they started putting legislation in place to begin the process of bringing sports betting to their individual locations. 


Maryland was one of the last states to consider sports betting, but this doesn’t mean there was a lack of support for the form of gambling. As a state that tends to drift to the left, Maryland was an ideal and realistic candidate to include sports betting when PASPA was ruled unconstitutional. 


The November decision by Maryland voters gave the state the ability to amend the constitution and legalize sports betting. Tons of Maryland residents were traveling over the border to go bet on sports, and this showed in the polls. The bill passed with ease. Major sports betting companies like DraftKings and FanDuel were also responsible for creating backing for the constitutional amendment by making massive donations to political supporters. 


There are still a lot of questions surrounding the potential Maryland sports betting makeup, but the form of gambling is expected to launch in the state in 2021. 


What Sports Betting Bill in Maryland Says 


The Maryland state legislature is attempting to draft the final sports betting regulations for a 2021 launch. They began this process after voters favored the legalization of sports betting in the state. Maryland is running at a fairly hefty deficit in the end of 2020, so sports betting revenue will help the state drastically. 


Funding to support the devastation caused by the COVID pandemic hurt the state. Politicians quantified that sports betting tax revenue would be directed towards sectors of the economy that need attention. The sports betting tax revenue will be prioritized towards education which has suffered in the wake of the pandemic. 


In regards to sports betting, the Maryland state legislature still has a lot of unanswered questions. Maryland will allow mobile wagering throughout the state. Politicians were forced to support mobile betting because every state in the region has online options for players. Residents would continue betting in border states if Maryland didn’t end up offering mobile sports wagering. The state wants to resolve the sports betting issues as quickly as possible, but there are still some questions surrounding retail books. The six casinos in the state will have the ability to offer sports betting, but Maryland is still determining if other locations like bars will be able to offer sportsbooks. This would frustrate casinos, but the state is trying to revive their educational system, so they’ll do anything to generate more tax revenue. 


Expectations of Sports Betting in Maryland


The Maryland state legislature has high expectations for sports betting within the state. Other mid-Atlantic states have capitalized on this form of gambling. Betting revenue helped with COVID recovery, so Maryland is ready to launch its own platform. 


Maryland hopes to introduce mobile sports betting at some point in 2021. The likelihood of this happening is very high due to the overwhelming amount of support throughout the state. Mobile betting will encompass 80% of the state’s sports betting market. Maryland wants to bring as many sportsbooks to the state as feasibly possible. 


DraftKings and FanDuel will certainly be a large portion of the betting market. They contributed over $3 million to help ensure that sports betting was legalized. I anticipate that they’ll be rewarded in some capacity by politicians for their generosity. Maryland law will give up to 14 sportsbooks the ability to enter the state. The operation of 14 sportsbooks in a state the size of Maryland would be phenomenal. This number of sportsbooks would give Maryland the ability to make a big impact in the national sports betting market right from the initial launch. 


The biggest news out of Maryland following the November election was Penn National Gaming acquiring Hollywood Casino in Perryville for $31.1 million. Penn National runs Barstool Sportsbook, which has made a big impact in the betting world in a very short time frame. They’ve rivaled well-established books, and this is expected in Maryland once again. 


Expectations of sports betting aren’t completely clear, but people throughout the state are ecstatic for the 2021 launch date. 


Sports Teams to Bet on in Maryland


Maryland legislatures haven’t stated that it will be illegal to bet on college sports or schools within the state. Maryland is the home of nine colleges that participate in D1 athletics. The University of Maryland and the United States Naval Academy are the two most popular colleges within the state. 


There are three professional sports franchises that play in Maryland. These three teams are the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and the Washington Football Team.


The Baltimore Orioles play in the American League East division of the MLB. the team has struggled in the 21st century, but they have won three World Series titles in franchise history. The last time that the Orioles won the American League East was in 2014. The team is managed by Brandon Hyde and they play in Oriole Park at Camden Yards. 


Right down the street from Camden Yards is M&T Bank Stadium, which is home to the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens play in the AFC North Division of the NFL. The team is coached by John Harbaugh, who led the Ravens to a Super Bowl championship in 2012. The Ravens have made the playoffs six times since 2010.


The Washington Football Team plays at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. The Washington football team is formerly known as the Washington Redskins, and they are members of the NFL’s NFC East Division. The team is coached by Ron Rivera, and the franchise has won three Super Bowl championships.  


Maryland Sports Betting FAQ


Is sports betting legal in Maryland?


Yes, sports betting was legalized by residents of the state in the November 2020 election. The constitution can now be amended by the Maryland legislature to enact sports betting in the state.


What’s the legal age to place a bet in Maryland?


The legal age to place a bet in Maryland will be 21 years of age.


When is the projected sports betting launch in Maryland?


The projected launch of sports betting in Maryland is the spring or fall of 2021. There are still major details that need to be discussed in the legislature which will begin when the government reconvenes after the new year.  


What type of sports betting options will be available?


Maryland sports betting will feature mobile and retail gaming throughout the state. There could be up to 14 sports betting providers that enter Maryland in some capacity.


Will it be legal to bet on college sports in Maryland?


There hasn’t been any legislation put in place to deny bettors from wagering college sports as well as local schools.


What will Maryland’s sports betting tax revenue be dedicated towards?

Initially, Maryland sports betting tax revenue will support the effort to rebuild the educational system within the state.