Louisiana Sports Betting

History Behind Proposed Sports Betting Bill in Louisiana

The states in the southern portion of the United States weren’t collectively receptive to sports betting initially. Sports betting was outlawed throughout the majority of the country from 1992 until 2018 because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). PASPA was repealed by the Supreme Court in 2018 by a 6-3 decision. This allowed states to implement sports betting in their specific territories.

Many states have jumped at the opportunity to bring sports betting to their residents. Louisiana is one of the latest states to attempt to enact sports betting. However, the process is only just beginning in the state.

Sports betting was approved in the state during the November 2020 election. Voters gave the state legislature the ability to authorize sports betting legislation. The vote in Louisiana was structured by the state’s parishes, which are equivalent to counties.

Louisiana has 64 parishes, and 55 of these locations voted to legalize sports betting. Residents recognized the support that sports betting revenue could provide to Louisiana. Louisiana is a prominent gambling state in the southern portion of the United States. Louisiana has 20 state-regulated casinos and three tribal casino locations.

When this fact is observed, it’s no surprise that sports betting was permitted by voters to enter the state in the future.

What Sports Betting Bill in Louisiana Says

The sports betting bill in Louisiana is a blank canvas at this point in time. Louisiana wanted to give voters the opportunity to have their voices heard regarding sports betting. After voters supported sports betting in a massive way, the state legislature got to work to put an action plan in place.

This vote was somewhat superficial because the state could’ve implemented sports betting with only one parishes approval. The state legislature was happy with the results, but sports betting legislation was going to occur even if there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of support from the parishes.

The framework of Louisiana’s sports betting legislation is very fluid. The state legislature has stated that they will focus on this topic when the government reconvenes in 2021. Two individual bills will need to pass in Louisiana for specific sports betting launches to become evident.

The first bill will need to discuss the sports betting makeup in the state. This will determine information like retail and mobile betting platforms that will be allowed in the state. In addition to this, a second bill must pass that lays out the financial details of Louisiana sports betting. This will be the legislatures’ main focus in order to capitalize on sports betting in the state. The details of Louisiana sports betting will begin to appear in the first couple months of 2021.

Expectations of Sports Betting in Louisiana

Different politicians have conflicting ideas regarding sports betting in Louisiana. A lot of lawmakers just want to limit sports betting to retail locations in the state. This sports betting structure has the ability to work well inside state borders. There are 64 parishes and 23 casinos within the state. A lot of people will be within reasonable driving distance of a retail book to place a bet.

However, some legislators do support the implementation of mobile sports betting. Throughout the country, states with mobile sports betting have created much larger revenue figures. This is due to the ease and accessibility of mobile sports betting.

Some lawmakers are afraid that they will lose in-state bettors to illegal offshore books if they don’t bring mobile betting to Louisiana. Offshore books have done a great job of controlling mobile betting in the United States. If Louisiana doesn’t utilize mobile betting, they will see lower numbers than if they gave people the ability to bet on their phones.

With legislation being discussed early in 2021, the goal of lawmakers is to have some form of sports betting running by the fall of 2021. This will help the state capitalize on the NFL and the Saints who are the favorite professional sports franchise in Louisiana.

Sports Teams to Bet on in Louisiana

Louisiana has multiple division I schools within the state. However, one program stands above the rest when it comes to talent and popularity. The Louisiana State University Tigers football program is loved in the state.

The team is led by Coach Ed Orgeron who is known to Americans as Coach O. Coach O has turned around the LSU football program. The team won its fourth national title in 2019. A big reason for this was Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow, who was taken first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The New Orleans Pelicans are one of two professional sports franchises in Louisiana. The Pelicans play in the NBA’s Western Conference as a member of the Southwest Division. The team hasn’t been very successful. Under the Pelicans name, the team has never won a championship. However, the franchise won a division title in 2008 when they were called the Hornets. The team is coached by Stan Van Gundy.

The New Orleans Saints have had a vast amount of success in the NFL. The Saints play in the NFC South. The team is coached by Sean Payton, and their headlining player is quarterback Drew Brees. The Saints have won the NFC South three straight seasons and will most likely take it again in 2020. The franchise won Super Bowl XLIV in 2009.

Louisiana Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Louisiana?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Louisiana. A vote from state residents passed in November of 2020. 55 of 64 Louisiana parishes approved sports betting. However, the Louisiana legislature didn’t need a majority to enact sports betting in the state.

When is the anticipated sports betting launch in Louisiana?

The anticipated launch in Louisiana is the fall of 2021. However, there are still two bills that need to be passed by the state legislature before a specific date can be announced.

Will there be mobile betting in Louisiana?

Possibly. It’s too early to tell if Louisiana will utilize mobile betting. There are legislators that support mobile betting, but they’re the minority. If Louisiana doesn’t utilize mobile sports betting, they will lose money to offshore sportsbooks.

What is the legal betting age in Louisiana?

The legal sports betting age in the state of Louisiana will be 21 years of age when the gambling form launches.

Can you bet on college sports in Louisiana?

This hasn’t been decided, but it’s believed that you will be able to bet on college sports. This will include hometown teams like the LSU Tigers.

Will retail sportsbooks be available at every casino in the state?

All casinos will have an equal chance to provide sports betting to their guests, but it’s doubtful that all 23 locations in Louisiana will offer sports betting.