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Changes Coming to D.C. Sports Betting?

Sports betting has been live in Washington, D.C., dating all the way back to May 2020, and both retail and mobile options are available. Despite having been around for over two years, there just hasn’t been a ton of growth or success for this market.

GambetDC is the lone mobile online sports betting option in D.C., and at least one council member is hoping to get that changed. Sports bettors have continued to make complaints about the GambetDC monopoly in D.C., and Elissa Silverman is hoping that it comes to an end.

According to the proposal, third party online sportsbooks would also be able to offer mobile sports betting, and that should lead to a huge boost for the market. The D.C. Lottery has contracted with GambetDC, though, and allowing third-party mobile sportsbooks to launch will keep money from the state.

Intralot powers the GambetDC online sportsbook in Washington, D.C., and there have been numerous issues over the years. Poor odds are typically the biggest complaint that is made, but there have been other problems as well.

GambetDC has made some pretty big changes to its platform over the last few months in an attempt to please the bettors in the state. If this bill were to pass, then it could ultimately lead to GambetDC going extinct as Washington, DC, would attract some major players.

Details of the Bill

The bill from Silverman is still in the very early stages, and there will likely be plenty of changes made before it becomes official. Currently, there is no limit on the number of online sports betting apps that could come to D.C. according to this bill.

Silverman proposes allowing third-party operators to apply for a mobile sports betting license in D.C., and they would be in direct competition with GambetDC. Mobile sports betting revenue would be taxed at a rate of 15%, which is the same rate as the surrounding states.

Mobile sports betting could be offered throughout D.C., except on federal land or within two blocks of a competitors stadium partner.

Unique Retail Options in D.C.

The retail sports betting scene in Washington, D.C., is extremely unique, but it has actually worked out much better than in some other states. Sportsbook operators can offer retail sports betting at a stadium in D.C. and also within a two-block radius of that stadium.

FanDuel Sportsbook has partnered with Audi Field in Washington, D.C., and that is the most recent retail sportsbook to open. Washington, D.C., does have a strong sports culture, and betting is also available at Nationals Park and Capital One Arena.

The professional teams in Washington, D.C., also benefit from legal sports betting as there is a revenue share plan as a part of these deals.

More Competition Coming Soon

When Washington, D.C., first launched sports betting back in May 2020, there wasn’t a ton of competition in that part of the country. That is no longer the case, and Washington, D.C., is actually going to see a huge competitor launch online sports betting soon.

Virginia has already proven to be a strong sports betting market, and Maryland is going to be the next state. Maryland is going to benefit from accepting wagers from D.C. residents that can simply enter the state to make a wager.

Washington, D.C., is never going to be one of the biggest sports betting markets in the industry, but this could be a competitive state if it were to allow third-party operators to launch.