Nevada Goes Over the $1 Billion Mark in Sports Betting Handle

Nevada Goes Over the $1 Billion Mark in Sports Betting Handle

The state of Nevada has joined an exclusive club as it relates to sports betting. With a massive amount of betting in October, the total sports betting handle in Nevada went over $1 billion for the first time in history.

New Jersey had been the only state to see over $1 billion in wagers, and that state has actually done it two months in a row. The Garden State still has a sizable lead over Nevada as New Jersey saw a total sports betting handle of more than $1.3 billion for October.

Total sports betting handle in Nevada went over $1.1 billion in October, shattering the previous record and showing growth of nearly 40% from September. Nevada also saw year-over-year growth of more than 66.8% from the total that was reported in October 2020.

Nevada doesn’t have as high of a percentage of mobile bets as other states, but the online handle was also a record. The total mobile sports betting handle for October was $704.8 million, shattering the record of $495.3 million that was set in September.

Mobile betting made up nearly 64 percent of the total handle, and other states sometimes see close to 99% of bets made online. Despite a new record in handle, the total revenue actually declined by 10.9% from September.

Football Leading the Way

Once again, it was the National Football League that led the way when it came to wagering on sports betting in the state of Nevada. NFL football brought in $729.3 million worth of wager in October, and that was up from just $477.7 million in September.

Baseball was also a popular sport to wager on in Nevada in October as it accounted for $121.7 million of the total handle. Parlay cards are typically popular in other parts of the world but brought in just $11.4 million in handle in October.

October is always a big month for professional sports as both the NBA and NHL kick off their regular seasons during that month. Both of these sports were attractive options at the sportsbook and helped push the total handle to a record.

Basketball brought in the third most handle for the month as the total was $111 million. Hockey had a much smaller percentage of the total, but the National Hockey League still brought in $42.9 million in wagers.

Other states throughout the country have seen similar numbers, and the National Football League is always on top. Nevada has a home team in the Las Vegas Raiders, which is another reason that so much attention is paid to the sport.

Here Comes College Basketball

October saw the beginning of the NBA and NHL seasons, and that definitely helped the sports betting numbers out. Even though football is clearly the most popular sport, bettors in Nevada target many different sports.

November saw the start of the 2021-22 college basketball season, and this is always a popular sport to wager on. There are also a number of college basketball events that take place in Las Vegas, which helps bring in plenty of action.

March is typically reserved for betting on college basketball, but don’t be surprised to see another record fall when the November numbers are out. Industry experts will also be keeping a close eye to see if Nevada can close the gap on New Jersey yet again. Only time will tell.

New Hampshire Next to Reach $100M Monthly Sports Betting Handle

New Hampshire Next to Reach $100M Monthly Sports Betting Handle

New Hampshire joins the team of states that broke sports betting handle records in October. The New Hampshire Lottery has announced that bettors in the state wagered $98.2 million for the month.

New Hampshire’s sports betting handle nears $100 million in October

The Granite State’s sports betting handle was reported before Thanksgiving weekend. The numbers exceeded the record that was set in September of $68.1 million. The mobile sports wagering handle for September was $50.5 million.

This signifies an increase of 44.1 percent. The year-to-date numbers also show a major increase in the average volume in the number of wagers placed. In October 2020, the sports betting handle in the state reported $47.05 million, which depicts a 108.7 percent increase.

New Hampshire is home to just slightly over 1.3 million and is the 42nd most populous state in the country. However, bettors across the state have wagered $239.3 million so far as the industry heads into the last month of the fourth quarter. Mobile sports betting is up 35.0 percent from September and 69.4% higher than October 2020.

There are no online casino options, which allowed the popularity of sports betting to take off across the state. The lone sportsbook operator has been able to essentially monopolize the market at this current stage.

DraftKings has benefited by being the only online provider in the Granite State

The Boston-based company DraftKings Sportsbook has benefited from being the only operator in the state. The company has agreed to give 51 percent of the sports betting revenue for being a sole operator in the state. DraftKings also has three retail locations in the state, which include Seabrook, Manchester, and Dover.

Gross gaming revenue has also hit record numbers. The revenue has gone up to $5.40 million, which is an increase of 22.4 percent. September’s figures hit $4.42 million, which was up 28.7% from a year ago. The revenue from October beat the previous record that was set in November 2020 that hit $4.77 million.

The state’s revenue share hit $2.56 million, which is an increase of 35.7 percent from September’s numbers which hit $1.88 million. The year-to-date numbers also had a steady increase of 27.9 percent, as October 2020’s figures showed a revenue share of just $2 million. The previous record in this category was also set back in November 2020, as the previous record was $2.32 million.

For the second straight month in the fourth quarter of the 2021 sports betting market, New Hampshire was able to set new records after seeing five straight months of lower betting handles. The state was able to benefit from five weeks of betting, especially the weekends.

The NFL and college football have boosted the numbers for the state. The gambling statistics will most likely continue to go up as the NBA, NHL, and college basketball season continues for the next few months.

New Hampshire joined a few states that had record-breaking handles across the board. Some of the states include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan, Indiana, and Tennessee. New Jersey was the only state to surpass the $1 billion mark once again.

New Hampshire, like the other states that border Massachusetts, will continue to benefit from sports betting. The Massachusetts State Senate is set to adjourn next year as they entered a seven-week recess period.

The convenience of mobile sports betting will most likely not happen until January 2022. This means bettors will continue to cross state lines to participate in the action.

Sports Betting in Florida Comes to an Immediate Halt

Sports Betting in Florida Comes to an Immediate Halt

There are a few major states that will change the sports betting industry forever because of their size. New York and California headline this list, and these two areas are followed by Florida. Florida has the potential to be one of the largest mobile sports wagering states in the nation.

Florida recently launched mobile betting, but it has already come crashing down. The mobile app, which was run by the Seminole Tribe, was quickly shut down because it violated the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The Seminole Tribe has squeezed out other sports betting operators, and this has caused a backlash. Many people are out to takedown the Seminole Tribe’s gaming powers in Florida, and this is the first step.

Mobile Sports Betting Halted

On Monday, a United States district judge brought an end to mobile sports betting in Florida. The mobile betting app violated the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act under the new tribal compact in the state.

The compact does not allow for gaming off tribal land, and opponents of the app have been very forward when it comes to this belief. However, this does not mean mobile sports betting will not return to the state.

Judge Dabney Friedrich wrote in her opinion that mobile sports betting could be authorized in Florida through different means. This could potentially open the door to outside operators like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars. She wrote;

“The State and the Tribe may agree to a new compact … that allows online gaming solely on Indian lands. Because the most recent compact is no longer in effect, continuing to offer online sports betting would violate federal law. Alternatively, Florida citizens may authorize such betting across their state through a citizens’ initiative.”

Hard Rock Sportsbook: The Rise and Fall

The Seminole Tribe surprisingly launched Hard Rock Sportsbook on November 1. The news erupted throughout the legal betting industry for the reason the mobile app was ultimately shut down. It was believed that the Seminole Tribe was breaking federal law by launching a mobile sportsbook.

This turned out to be the case in the Sunshine State. The end of the mobile sportsbook could not have come at a worse time with Thanksgiving football on the horizon. There were a pair of lawsuits in play when the book was launched.

The tribe thought they found a way around the lawsuits by keeping the servers on tribal land. Even though people were betting off tribal land, the wagers were still being generated on the property.

However, this argument has been made by tribes throughout the United States, and the legal system has ruled it the same way. The primary lawsuit was raised by Florida’s West Flager Associates, who served the Department of the Interior over the compact.

The company owns and operates the Magic City Casino, and they sued because the compact cut them out of legal sports betting. Legal wagering is big business in the United States, and conglomerates were very angry with the Florida compact because it gave the tribe a gaming monopoly.

The other lawsuit states that the compact is illegal because it expanded gaming in the state without a vote amongst residents. There is a rule that Florida requires a 60% voter approval for any gaming expansions, and this was not attempted with the latest legislation.

Many special interest groups have gotten involved in Florida sports betting. The Florida Political Action Committee is fighting for a constitutional amendment to authorize sports wagering at professional sports venues in the state.

The committee has been given $10 million by FanDuel and DraftKings for their legal battles. This would be a small investment for the operators if Florida sports betting expanded. A lot of uncertainty is brewing in the Sunshine State for betting.

New Jersey Shatters Previous Sports Betting Handle Record

New Jersey Shatters Previous Sports Betting Handle Record

March Madness may be the most wagered sporting event in the United States, but the key to a large betting handle is football season. Many states are smashing records this football season with the betting demand for the sport. However, one state is standing above the rest in the legal market.

New Jersey was at the forefront of the legal betting industry once the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was deemed unconstitutional. The state has continued its betting dominance, and the massive handles are continuing in the state.

The state’s betting industry has now exceeded $1 billion for the second straight month. The $1 billion handle was unprecedented in betting, but New Jersey is now shattering that narrative consistently.

The October Betting Handle

In October, New Jersey sports betting collected over $1.3 billion in bets. This shattered the previous record from September of $1.1 billion. The handle was announced by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement on Wednesday.

New Jersey is the only state to have a handle over $1 billion in a given month. The year-to-year growth in September was 28.9%, and in October, it was a whopping 62.3%. In October, $743 million was recorded in October 2020 before COVID-19 vaccines occurred.

The combination of fans returning to sporting events and the social aspect of betting has heightened handles all over the nation. Yet, the state where it has been most evident is in New Jersey.

There have been nearly $8.5 billion in bets placed in New Jersey throughout 2021. The high betting totals in October resulted from the combination of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB playoffs all occurring at the same time.

Mobile Betting

New Jersey retail sports betting is a major attraction in the state. However, mobile sports betting is the pinnacle of the massive handle posted by the state. This is the case in nearly every legal state with mobile and retail sports wagering.

New Jersey’s mobile handle is unprecedented and over $1 billion without retail wagers. Out of all the sports wagers in the state, $1.17 billion came from mobile bets, according to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The mobile handle represented 90.5% of the sports wagers placed in the state during October. The previous mobile record was $929 million, so the state smashed the record.

This trend is expected to continue because NFL, NBA, and NHL are all continuing. More bets will be placed on hockey and basketball as the season develops. The NFL also gains interest with the playoffs approaching, so it’s a very good time for legal sports betting throughout the United States.

On Wednesday, multiple states announced handle records. Pennsylvania and Mississippi joined New Jersey with handle records announced on the same day. These three joined Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, and Oregon, who all smashed records during the month.

Pennsylvania is on the verge of approaching the $1 billion handle, and if enthusiasm for betting continues, it could occur next football season. The state eclipsed $776 million in bets during October.

New Jersey has created a league of its own for sports betting in the United States. No state can compete with New Jersey, and it appears like this will be the case moving forward. New Jersey quickly surpassed Nevada for sports betting and has not looked back.

However, New Jersey could be challenged by New York in the future. Mobile betting is expected to go live in the Empire State by the Super Bowl. New Jersey will lose a portion of its bets once New York mobile betting goes live.

New York’s population makes it a real threat to become an industry leader quickly.

Maryland and Ohio Still in Wait and See Mode over Legal Sports Betting

Maryland and Ohio Still in Wait and See Mode over Legal Sports Betting

Legal sports betting is rolling in many states throughout the country. However, there are still plenty of areas lagging behind the states that have established strong sports betting markets. It’s proven that sports betting is helpful for state economies, which is why many lawmakers have supported the legislation.

Yet, this has not been the case in Maryland and Ohio. There are lawmakers who support sports wagering, but neither state is making progress with betting legislation. There are too many debates about the form of gambling, and until these are solved, nothing will improve.

Maryland Sports Betting Delayed

Maryland’s Sports Wagering Applicant Review Commission delayed a vote for sports betting in the state. The vote was to decide if the state would grand sports betting licenses to five of the casinos in the state.

The governor has been pushing for a quicker legislative process, but this has not come to fruition. The members of the commission met behind closed doors for two hours before revealing that they needed more time before voting on the five sports betting licenses.

They also requested additional information from each of the five casinos. It’s positive that the commission is doing its due diligence, but this also means Maryland is losing potential sports betting revenue.

The next meeting for the commission will occur on Thursday, November 18, to consider the five betting licenses. Members of the committee have not tried to cover up the magnitude and difficulty of this decision.

Thomas Brandt, the chair of the commission, said;

“I usually manage meetings better than these, but I’ve done my best … This has been challenging.”

In May, Governor Larry Hogan signed sports betting into law, hoping that it would launch by football season. However, Maryland law did not allow for this swiftness. The State Lottery & Gaming Control Agency was forced to regulate sports wagering and review applications.

This entire process has been delayed, and there’s nothing Hogan can do besides encourage decision-makers to hurry up to salvage football season. The projections in tax revenue for Maryland sports betting have been over $14 million.

This will be put into Maryland’s public school system for the 2022 fiscal year. There is a multi-billion dollar plan in place to improve the schools, and sports betting will help with the initial costs.

The five casinos that will receive licenses are Hollywood Casino Perryville, Ocean Downs Casino, MGM National, Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland, and the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore City.

Ohio Sports Betting in Limbo

Ohio sports betting is in worse shape than Maryland. The form of gambling has been in limbo for months with no signs of improvement. The Senate added sports betting to a House bill that dealt with veterans’ ID cards.

The House did not like that change, and the two legislative chambers are having a hard time compromising. This bill would put sports betting under the Casino Control Commission. One retail sportsbook would be permitted in each of the state’s three cities.

There would also be an additional 33 around the state. Republican Senator Matt Huffman says the state needs to be done losing money to border jurisdictions. He said;

“That’s a huge advantage for those folks, and I don’t think we should continue to extend these advantages to these out-of-state gambling interests. We ought to have an opportunity for the folks in Ohio, if we are going to have sports betting, which I think is inevitable, it is really that one issue that is holding it up.”

Don’t expect Ohio sports betting to be here anytime soon.

BetMGM and Madison Square Garden Reach Sports Betting Agreement

BetMGM and Madison Square Garden Reach Sports Betting Agreement

New York is on the verge of launching mobile sports betting, marking a huge advancement for the legal industry in the United States. Sports betting has proven to be big business in the United States, and this is why many corporations are preparing for the launch in the Empire State.

Madison Square Garden, the most prestigious area in the world, is officially diving into legal sports betting. MSG Executives recently announced a partnership with BetMGM Sportsbook, which will be one of the mobile sportsbooks available in the state.

The partnership will make BetMGM the official sportsbook of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and Madison Square Garden.

Excitement Regarding the Partnership

Madison Square Garden is the mecca of professional sports venues, making this BetMGM partnership significant. Sports betting is sweeping the nation, and deals like this make it apparent how far the legal industry has come since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was deemed unconstitutional.

The deal is a multi-year partnership that will give BetMGM significant marketing opportunities at Madison Square Garden. They will also be featured during the Knicks, Rangers, New Jersey Devils, and New York Islanders broadcasts on MSG Network.

MSG Executive Vice President Ron Skotarczak, Marketing, and Partnerships was quoted in the media release following the announcement.

He said, “We’re excited to be partnering with BetMGM — a leader in the sports betting and gaming entertainment industry — to bring them an unparalleled platform in sports and entertainment. MSG Sports and MSG Entertainment are made up of world-renowned brands that set industry standards for excellence, exposure, and engagement — making us ideal partners to help drive sports betting’s continued growth.”

He was joined in the press release by Matt Prevost, Chief Revenue Officer at BetMGM.

Prevost stated, “We’re thrilled to see the BetMGM brand connected to a space as iconic as Madison Square Garden. New York is a critical state for BetMGM’s continued growth, and I can’t think of a better way to begin our relationship with The Empire State than partnering with The World’s Most Famous Arena and their legendary team franchises.”

Specifics of the Partnerships

BetMGM wanted this partnership for the exposure they will receive at the world’s most prestigious arena. Based on the press release, the sports betting operator will get a lot of marketing opportunities at the Garden.

The brand will be integrated into the arena through courtside signage. This will be a mix between LED advertisements and permanent signs that will be visible on the television broadcasts. For Rangers hockey games, there will be BetMGM branding on the Zamboni.

Social media is also a major target for the sports betting operator with the partnership. There will be a lot of BetMGM themed content on the Knicks and Rangers social. These will range from betting previews for the games to exclusive giveaways sponsored by BetMGM.

New York is going to be one of the most lucrative sports betting states in America. BetMGM signing with MSG is setting the sportsbook up to be a statewide leader. MSG hosts a variety of sporting events every year outside of the Knicks and Rangers.

This will give the sportsbook numerous opportunities to get involved in the action for college events played at MSG. The Knicks and Rangers will also be sporting BetMGM throughout their social media and games.

New York fans are diehard, so this will help the book attract a large portion of the sports betting market in the Empire State. BetMGM is planning on offering a lot of promotions around both clubs.

Minnesota Making Push to be Next to Legalize Sports Betting

Minnesota Making Push to be Next to Legalize Sports Betting

The fall has been a prime period for legal sports betting in the United States. With the beginning of football season and the addition of the NBA and NHL, sports betting numbers are soaring. One area of the country where the numbers have been rising is the Midwest.

The Midwest is quickly legalizing sports betting, and the next state looking to join the fold is Minnesota. There is a new push in the Minnesota legislature to legalize sports betting. The Vikings may be struggling in 2021, but it appears the legislature could win with sports wagering in the state.

Sports Betting Coming to Minnesota?

Minnesota will begin a new push for legal sports betting before the end of the fall legislative session. Representative Zack Stephenson of Coon Rapids claimed on Thursday that people in the state must be able to place bets legally. The state is losing money with people traveling over the border and wagering offshore.

Stephenson chairs the House Commerce Committee and says he wants to start a realistic conversation for a bill that has not been written.

He said;

“The legalization of sports betting will be the most significant change to Minnesota’s gaming laws in many years. The issue is very complex. There are countless different ways that we could structure sports betting. Thirty-two states have legalized sports betting in the United States, and I think it’s fair to say each one of them has taken a different approach.”

Tribal Nations Involved

The tribal nations in the state will be asked to get involved in the sports betting industry. Stephenson is going to include them in the conversation to create the best possible industry.

The main issue with this is the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association has rejected previous sports betting bills. However, with sports betting sweeping the nation, Stephenson believes the tribes may change their opinion on the subject.

Andy Platto, the Indian Gaming Association’s director, discussed the developing bills in the state. He said, “The tribal governments making up MIGA have been examining the various ways sports betting has been implemented across the country and its impacts on tribal communities. As gaming experts, tribes stand ready to share this expertise with lawmakers considering the future of sports betting in Minnesota.”

Another problem for Stephenson is the state Senate, which has been resistant to previous sports betting bills. One ally is Senator Roger Chamberlain, a Republican from Lino Lakes, who said he plans to introduce sports betting in the spring.

He said, “You work hard for your money, and if you want to place a little money in support of your favorite team, you shouldn’t have to drive to Iowa or use an international gambling app to do it. Sports wagering is good entertainment.”

Sports betting will be discussed in the House during the fall, but it will not be introduced in the Senate until the spring. With the timeline throughout other states, it appears sports betting will not come to fruition until the next football season.

If emergency orders were established, there is a chance some form of sports betting would be in place for March Madness. However, this is unlikely as legislatures throughout the United States have taken extended periods to legalize wagering.

It’s good sports betting will not be legalized this term for Minnesota Vikings fans. This team is off to a horrendous start, and they are coming off a loss to the Cowboys where the team did not have Dak Prescott.

Mike Zimmer is on the hot seat, and he will likely be fired at the end of the year. The team is talented, but they have not come together at this point in 2021.

Mobile Sports Betting Sends Florida into Launch Mode

Mobile Sports Betting Sends Florida into Launch Mode

The long-awaited launch of the Hard Rock Sportsbook has finally happened in Florida on Monday, signaling the start of online sports betting in the Sunshine State. Although a huge milestone, the launch of Hard Rock Sportsbook is now just one of many exciting gambling news in the United States in 2021.

Game On

It took a while, but Florida residents can now start wagering via their mobile devices, thanks to no other than Hard Rock Sportsbook. The prominent betting provider went live in the state on Monday, two weeks earlier than initially planned.

“Game on, Florida,” read the announcement on the sportsbook’s page, inviting FLoria residents to start betting on their favorite sports.

Florida’s Seminole Tribe went live with online sports betting five days before a hearing in court, seeking an injunction. Intersesnitly, the tribe has the right to go live with sports betting as early as October 15 under a compact it negotiated last spring.

According to the Hard Rock Casino website, the mobile sports betting application is available to download for both iOS and Android devices for free on App Store and Google Play, with enticing bonuses. For example, any new account on Hard Rock Casino will get awarded a $100 risk-free bet to use on any sport.

A Step In The Right Direction

The launch of sports betting in the state is huge news not only for Florida but the U.S. betting industry as well. Florida is viewed as one of the nation’s most fertile states for digital wagering, so the recent news is a massive move towards the more significant cause of legalizing sports betting across the U.S.

A total of five pari-mutuel sites have joined with the Seminole tribe to bring sports betting to Florida, under the agreement (compact) Gov. Ron DeSantis signed with the tribe’s chairman, Marcellus Osceola Jr, in April.

The plan in the compact allows gamblers from Florida to place bets online, with the best run through the tribe’s computer servers. This essentially means that any bet made anywhere in Florida via a mobile app or any electronic device will be deemed to be exclusively conducted by the Seminole tribe.

This will, in turn, mean that the tribe is expected to pay billions of dollars to the state annually for offering sports betting, as well as craps and roulette at their casinos. Additionally, the tribe also need to enter an agreement to market sports betting with pari-mutuels, who will receive a 60% cut of profits.

As revealed by the Seminole tribe, their five partners in online sports wagering are: Palm Beach Kennel Club, Hialeah Park Casino, Ocala Gainesville Poker and Ocala Breeders’ Sales Co., Tampa Bay Downs, TGT Poker & Racebook in Tampa.

Lawsuits In the Wings

As revealed, a pair of pari-mutuels have filed lawsuits against the Seminole tribe, disputing the legality of the compact while claiming that such a set-up will inevitably damage their business.

One of the lawsuits was filed on October 19 in the U.S. District Court in Florida, while the other was filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C., and is set for a hearing on Friday.

In the lawsuit, Bonita Springs Poker Room and Magic City Casino asked for a decision before November 15, which is the date that Plaintiffs contend that “Plaintiffs contend that the relevant provisions of the tribal-state compact at issue, in this case, are scheduled to be implemented,” according to the paperwork.

However, the Seminole tribe stated that they never set a specific date.

It remains to be seen what the implication of a two-week earlier launch is in terms of the lawsuit. However, it does not seem like the Seminoles have opened any sportsbooks at any of their properties.

More information about the lawsuit and the verdict should become available by the end of the month.

South Dakota Posts First Sports Betting Handle Numbers

South Dakota Posts First Sports Betting Handle Numbers

Many states rushed to launch sports betting in September because of the beginning of football season. Football is the most wagered sport in the United States, so it produces large betting handles.

New Jersey and Nevada headlined the national sports betting industry in September with massive handles. However, these two states were not the only markets making noise during the month. South Dakota posted its first handle, and the state had a strong start to its sports betting history.

Debut Sports Betting Handle

Sports betting in South Dakota is only available at four casinos in Deadwood. Deadwood is located in the western portion of the state, so the market is not easily accessible to all bettors. The four casinos combined for a handle of $443,365, according to the South Dakota Commission on Gaming.

South Dakota may be new to betting, but it followed the same trajectory of established sports wagering in other legal jurisdictions. Football was superior to any other sports throughout the month.

The NFL accounted for $277,015, which was significantly more than college football, totaling $131,349. The remainder of the top five included MLB, MMA, and the NHL. Even though sports betting is off to a strong start, more work and marketing still needs to occur from the Deadwood casinos.

People are favoring sots in the state, and this will not change. However, if the casinos can successfully promote sports wagering, it will give them more revenue. The total slot revenue for the month was $147,685,505.

South Dakota was not the only state in the western portion of the United States to launch. Although, it was the smallest to make its sports betting debut during the month. Arizona sports betting went live, and Wyoming also launched its mobile-only market. Out of the three states, Arizona will reign supreme.

South Dakota Sports Betting History

Sports betting is beginning to sweep the nation, and many more states are scheduled for fall launches. The history of South Dakota sports betting dates back to November 2020, when voters chose to legalize the industry through a referendum vote.

This gave the four casinos the ability to offer sports betting in the state through a retail format. The official launch began on September 9 when the 2021 NFL season kicked off between the Buccaneers and Cowboys.

Governor Kristi Noem, a sports betting proponent, signed the bill into law in March of 2021. However, leading up to her signing, there was some controversy surrounding the future South Dakota sports wagering industry.

There were legislators who wanted mobile sports betting throughout South Dakota. They believed if the servers were located in Deadwood, mobile betting could be widespread. This belief was quickly shut down.

Mobile sports betting does not look positive in the future because it would require a state constitutional change. In July of 2021, Deadwood Gaming Commission Executive Director Mike Rodman spoke about the framework of the state’s sports betting industry. He said;

“The rules allow for on-premise mobile. I’ll be curious if any jump onto that. South Dakota is a pretty conservative state, so we have a go slow approach. Maybe sometime in the future we’ll see statewide mobile. We have to prove ourselves in Deadwood and do a good job.”

The South Dakota Commission on Gaming approved the regulations on July 14, and a legislative committee finalized the deal on August 2. Not offering mobile betting puts South Dakota at a major disadvantage.

Border states like Iowa, Montana, and Wyoming all offer mobile sports betting. Since Deadwood is isolated in the western portion of the state, residents may choose to go elsewhere to place mobile wagers.

Louisiana Set to Launch Sports Betting November 1

Louisiana Set to Launch Sports Betting November 1

The path to legal sports betting in Louisiana has been much more challenging than anticipated, and there have been some major speed bumps along the way. We finally have a new launch date, though, after the state has spent the last few weeks trying to regroup.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board has been holding emergency meetings to try and get this industry up and running. Legal sportsbooks will be available on Monday, November 1. The Louisiana Gaming Control Board recently met with the Louisiana State Police to come up with this state.

The state police are responsible for reviewing all of the license applications coming in. This process has taken much longer than expected as the state police were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

The first significant delay came in releasing the official sports betting rules and regulations, but those have since been finalized. Louisiana is also a state that should become a competitive sports betting industry, and it has been flooded with applicants.

Twenty sports betting licenses will be available in Louisiana, and all of the casinos and racinos can apply. According to the latest report, 13 of those properties have already applied.

Paragon Casino First to Launch

Sports betting is technically already available in the state of Louisiana, but only on a limited basis. The Paragon Casino has started to accept wagers on sporting events through a partnership with Betfred.

The Paragon Casino is a tribal casino, and therefore, it does not need to go through the entire application process. When the official sports betting regulation was passed, it gave Paragon and other tribal casinos to offer wagers on sporting events.

Louisiana will also have exciting sports betting industry when it is entirely up and running as this new form has not been approved state-wide. Each parish decided on legal sports betting, and some parishes voted to keep it illegal.

Online sports betting has been approved, but those online sportsbooks can only be accessed in certain parts of the state. Because of this, geolocation services must be enabled at all times so that the sites can verify your location.

Each of the 20 retail locations is eligible to offer two online skins, which will increase the number of online sportsbooks that can launch. Online sportsbooks won’t launch until some point in 2022, but a firm date has not yet been established.

Caesars Accepting New Registration

Louisiana is expected to receive applications from all of the biggest names in the US sports betting industry, and some operators have already gained access into the state. DraftKings and FanDuel are two of the biggest online sportsbooks in the market, but it could be Caesars that jumps out to a lead in Louisiana.

Caesars has struck a deal with the New Orleans Saints that will give the company naming rights to the Superdome. This is the first time a sports betting company has earned naming rights to a stadium in the National Football League.

Even though the Caesars Sportsbook app might not be available for a couple more months, the operator is already allowing new customers to sign up for a new account. Not only that, but Caesars is giving new customers $100 just for registering, and more bonuses will be available upon launch.

Caesars might be the first online sportsbook to offer a pre-registration bonus, but other sportsbooks are expected to follow suit.